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Riverfest is an outreach to the Tampa community. Buses by the dozen, bring locals from underprivileged areas of Tampa to The River at Tampa Bay Church at the RMI headquarters 3738 River International Drive, Tampa, Florida 33610 The tent pictured below, is erected in one of the parking lots at RMI to facilitate the huge influx of people, who are drawn by the offer of free groceries for every family, and prizes such as cruises, X Boxes, Rent Paid for a month Click on the image below to see a list as displayed at the RMI entrance. Total Attendance for this event was 3472. The photo on the right, shows some of the crowd, lining up to receive their groceries and a welcome package. The catch is,  they first have to attend the morning service, which includes dynamic worship, special music and anointed Gospel and Altar Call. There were 927 adults that responded and 111 children who responded to the Altar Call.
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RMI Headquarters Altar Call Lining Up For Groceries Distributing Groceries
The Riverfest Tent
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There were 3472 people in attendance. 956 adults and 111 children responded to the Altar Call.
The Main Event - Riverfest August 4th, 2013
Held on the parking lot at RMI/TheRiver Head Quarters, Tampa, Florida
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The event was broadcast live via RTN Channel 350 and Omniverse TV.  Viewership spiked at 3,249 cities with 712,874 viewers with unique ip addresses.  The largest audience was Asia.